Where to buy camping toilets, for trips where the toilet facilities are still closed

Many public toilets are remaining closed, but these fast-selling portable camping toilets can be used anywhere

Thetford 92820 Porta Potti 365 camping toilet
(Image credit: Thetford)

As the UK starts to ease lockdown and more of us are able to venture out, we're faced with a new conundrum: what to do about toilets. Many public toilets are still closed, as well as some of those attached to campsites and destinations such as National Trust properties.

Let's say you're heading off on a trip where there won't be toilet facilities available, or you're concerned about the risks of using a shared toilet while the pandemic is still widespread. There are a few solutions available: pick up a portable camping toilet, use a portable urinal, or just go in the wild. If you're going for one of the first two options, read on for our advice and buying options. 

Be aware that camping toilets are selling out quickly, so if you're thinking of buying one, now's the time to do so. And before you set off, you might also want to kit yourself out with a face covering (here's where to buy face masks).

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Portable camping toilets: what to know and where to buy

Portable camping toilets are traditionally aimed at those with caravans or motorhomes, as they're fairly bulky. However, if you're heading to a campsite where the toilets aren't open, or if you don't want to use a shared toilet, this is a great alternative. 

A camping toilet is your only real option if you want something you can actually sit down on. There are quite a few styles and types available, but they essentially look like a small, basic toilet. You'll probably want to also pick up a simple pop-up privacy tent, so you don't need to have it inside your tent with you. 

Portable toilets are selling out fast. We've gathered some places where there are still good quality camping toilets in stock and available to order.

Thetford Porta Potti | From £66 at Amazon
Thetford Porta Potti range is incredibly well reviewed on Amazon. These portable toilets are flushable and available in a range of sizes and styles to suit your needs.View Deal

Hillington portable camping toilet with popup privacy tent | £49.95 at Amazon
For a (relatively) luxurious option, head to Amazon for this camping toilet, complete with popup tent and toilet seat, handles and even a loo roll holder. Reviews say the toilet is great but the tent could be thicker fabric. Hurry if you want one, as there aren't many left in stock (also available as toilet only).View Deal

Thetford Qube XGL camping toilet | £99.95 at Amazon
The Thetford Qube XGL chemical toilet is made up of a waste container and fresh water tank. It's flushable, leak-proof, and very well reviewed on Amazon.
View Deal

Wolfwise privacy tent | £42.99 at Amazon
This privacy tent packs down into a handy carrying case, and pops up in seconds. The tent part is raised from the ground to provide ventilation and keep the tent clean. This is the most popular option, but you can browse Amazon's full range here.View Deal

Sfeomi 20L Portable Camping Toilet | £82.99 on Amazon
This camping toilet is designed to offer comfort, cleanliness and easy handling when filling and emptying. It comes with a detachable lid and built in carry handle, and there's a double Flush system to enable you to flush faster with less water. Sfeomi is a less well-known brand, but the people who have used one of these praise it very highly. View Deal

Hillington lightweight camping toilet | £26.95 at Amazon
If you're wanting a budget option, this might be your best bet. This basic camping toilet has a lid, handles, removable waste bucket and toilet roll holder. It's the same (popular) brand as the all-in-one with privacy tent above.View Deal

If you need something much more compact than a camping toilet, for liquid waste, go for a portable urinal. You can now get these with pouches that contain clever crystals that instantly solidify liquids. You can then roll up the pouch (they're completely leak-proof) and pop it in a bin – easy. 

TravelJohn disposable urinal | £5.75 for 3 at Amazon
This super popular travel urinal brand comes with a LIQSORB polymer pouch to that instantly turns urine into a leak-proof, odourless, non-toxic gel that's safe to dispose of in any waste bin. The design is unisex and also suitable for children. View Deal