What's in the Apple Watch box? Let's find out...

Get a load of the Apple Watch flopping out of a box

Fancy an Apple Watch but undecided whether you should fork out the cash? Watch our unboxing video to help you decide whether Cupertino's new shiny gagdet is the one for you...

The Apple Watch - the next greatest thing the brand has done or overprice piece of gadget hype? We've finally got our model in for review and to kick things off we've done a cheeky unboxing with the little wrist dweller.

Observe our cornucopia of technology as the new Watch spills out of the box - or, if you're the kind of person who assumes that there's stuff in a box for the expensive thing that you buy and you don't need to see another person taking it out, there's always our hands on: Apple Watch review to tide you over until our final thoughts land.

But for those that want every morsel of information, or are feverishly checking the front door to see if Mr Postman is coming with a special package, then check out the video below to keep that appetite whetted:

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