Walmart Deal: $80 shaved off the price of this Dyson vacuum

Light and portable vacuum for a killer price

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(Image credit: Dyson)

Another one bites the dust! And when I say' bites the dust', I mean sucks it up because this Dyson vacuum cleaner has all the suction in the world. It is also handheld and can work without cables, perfect for cleaning the car or boat of yours.

It uses Dyson's very own cyclone technology. This particular vacuum has 15 cyclones arranged in two tiers to maximise suction. The two tiers work simultaneously for added efficiency.

You can expect the same high design standards of the V6 as from any other Dyson product. The ergonomics of the V6 make it simple to clean awkward spaces, not to mention all the accessorises it comes with, making cleaning all manners of surfaces even more convenient.

Use the V6 for up to 20 minutes with one charge. Thanks to the run-time enhancing trigger, it only runs when the trigger is depressed, saving energy and conserving battery power. Ypu can also choose between 2 different power modes and use only the energy you need. 

Top reviews on Walmart praise the V6 for it's versatility, one says that the V6 "makes maintenance a breeze" while another goes and calls the V6 the "best handheld ever".  For $119, it would be a shame not to check this great Dyson deal out!

Dyson V6 Trigger Handheld Vacuum Car + Boat  | Now $119.99 | Was $199.99 | Save $80
Up to 20 minutes of powerful suction with the Dyson V6 – no need to mess around with cables and get all tangled up. Specially designed for car and cabin cleaning and comes with additional tools to make your maintenance work as easy as ever. Now $80 off!View Deal