Virgin Mobile has a terrifyingly good SIM-only deal with 120GB of 4G data

Any unused data rolls over to the next month, too

Virgin Mobile SIM Deal UK Release Date

If you're not happy with the amount of 4G mobile data available with your monthly SIM contract, you're definitely in the right place. Virgin Mobile has taken the wraps off a number of blockbuster new deals with triple the amount of 4G data than it typically offers to new customers.

The popular mobile carrier, which runs the same 4G infrastructure as EE and offers almost the same coverage nationwide (EE still boasts faster speeds and is accessible in more remote areas than mobile virtual network operators, like Virgin Mobile) is offering a jaw-dropping 120GB of 4G mobile data as well as unlimited texts, and unlimited calls for just £20 a month.

That's a frankly ludicrous amount of data each month, especially given that Virgin Mobile offers the ability to rollover any unused 4G onto next month, too.

All this means you should have enough data to stream the latest album on Spotify, catch-up on the Netflix series that everyone is talking about, and constantly back-up your photos and videos to your cloud storage solution in the background without even making a dent in your total allowance for the month.

Virgin Mobile SIM-Only Deal | 40GB 120GB of 4G mobile data | Unlimited calls, unlimited texts | £20 a month
This is a barnstorming deal. Virgin Mobile has tripled the amount of mobile data typically available with this deal – from 40GB to 120GB. You'll also get unlimited calls, and unlimited texts, too. Bargain.
Deal ends January 31, 2019View Deal

As you'd expect, you'll benefit from all the usual perks of a Virgin Mobile contract, including unlimited access to Virgin Media's network of 3.5 million public Wi-Fi hotspots around the UK. This includes access to the London Underground network.

If 120GB of mobile data seems a little too generous for your modest mobile usage, Virgin Mobile has also trebled the amount of available 4G data on its 2GB SIM-only contract. That brings the total monthly allowance to 6GB for £9 a month. Unlike the above, it does not include unlimited calls – with those who opt to this contract only given 1,500 minutes. There are unlimited texts, however.

If you don't fancy signing up to Virgin Mobile, then why not check the other options available in T3's interactive comparison chart below?