Virgin Media rolls out super-fast Wi-Fi 'under your feet'

Taking the high street by storm

Virgin Media is on the way to revolutionising the high street through a new Wi-Fi service that brings lightning quick surfing to shoppers.

The new tech has been branded “under your feet Wi-Fi” and gives consumers or anyone else on the high street the benefit of unlimited broadband access in a similar way to what is offered by Virgin Media on London Underground.

Chesham, Buckinghamshire has been the first place to benefit from the service with the 36 acre Lowndes Park shopping centre covered by the service and the speeds being enjoyed are impressive.

Any users connected have been able to get speeds of up to 166Mbps, which is enough to enjoy larger downloads such as movies and TV shows plus access to HD-quality streaming.

The roll-out is part of a wider £3 million investment that Virgin is making through its Project Lightning scheme that has the remit of connecting an additional four million UK homes to ultrafast broadband.

“We want to build more networks like this across the UK and encourage more forward thinking councils just like Chesham to get in touch,” said Virgin Media managing director Gregor McNeil.

Virgin Media's fibre-optic broadband speeds are among the fastest in the UK and it updated its top level ultrafast broadband offering to 200Mbps in the past few weeks to further push the boundaries in terms of speed.

Via: Broadband Finder