Universal Studios movies come to Apple iCloud

Apple seals re-download deal, looks to acquire Fox films next

Universal movies like Cowboys & Aliens and Moneyball can now be downloaded across all iOS devices and Apple TV after the studio worked out a deal with Apple

Apple has penned a deal to allow Universal Studios films to be available via its iTunes in the Cloud platform.

Back in March at the new iPad 3 launch, Apple announced films would be joining apps, movies and books on iCloud, meaning that once an iOS, Apple TV or iTunes user had purchased the media it could then be re-downloaded across all of those devices at no extra cost.

However, upon launch, movies from Universal and 20th Century Fox were unavailable due to the studios' prior contractual arrangements with HBO.

Apple vowed to iron out the details as soon as possible, and now iTunes users are reporting that Universal productions like Tinker Tailor Solider Spy are now available to re-download.

Also, within iTunes, Universal movies are no longer showing the message: "When purchased, this movie will not be available from iTunes in the Cloud."

The only movies still to display the message are those from 20th Century Fox, although reports suggest that Apple is close to agreeing a deal, which would give iCloud a full run on all the major studios.

Via: SlashGear