Three UK customers to get free WiFi on London tubes

A total 137 stations will offer the new service

Most think of the London Underground as a signal-repelling abyss. Lucky for some, Three's joined the growing list of network providers offering free WiFi on the capital's tubes.

Customers of Three UK are set to get access to a free WiFi service across the London Underground, according to a report by TechRadar.

The mobile network provider is set to join the roster of firms already offering the service, namely EE, Vodafone, and O2.

TechRadar spoke to Danny Dixon, Director of Customer Strategy at Three, who gave official confirmation that the firm would be providing free WiFi by the end of July.

The service is expected to be available across 137 stations, although you won't actually be able to access the network while travelling between stations.

Ticket halls, corridors, and station platforms are all fair game for the WiFi though, which might help ease the pain of a late tube on the Monday morning commute.

Virgin Media originally installed the WiFi service to provide underground connectivity for the London Olympics in 2012, although only 40 stations were covered initially.

Source TechRadar