This Sonos One deal drops the UK price back to Black Friday level

It must be Christmas next then, right?

Sonos One deal

Amazon has just cut, slashed and hacked the price of its T3-Award-winning Sonos One speaker by £20, reducing it from £199 to £179. That's the first cheap Sonos One deal since the run-up to Christmas when there was, to be fair, a slightly better one (you could buy 2 and get £50 off).

Sonos One could be your first step on the road to a house full of linked speakers

For those who don't know, Sonos One can carry tunes from all of the biggest names supported: Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play Music, and more. Everything sounds superb coming through a Sonos speaker as well.

Sonos has now installed Amazon Alexa in Sonos One, giving you voice access to Spotify and Google Music, as well as Alexa's usual range of news, weather, sport, kitchen timers and 'sassy' humour that will make you cry tears of joy. Support for Google Assistant will follow this year, Sonos has pledged.

Sonos Ones can be used in a stereo pair, so you could buy two and save a whopping £40. Or you could use the second one as part of a multi-room setup.

Sonos Ones can also be used as the rear speakers in a 5.1 or 5.0 Dolby Digital setup, in conjunction with a Sonos Beam, Playbase or Playbar (providing the front speakers) and potentially a Sonos Subm too (if you require more bass).

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