This skincare set is all you need if you’re going away this summer

Worrying about luggage restrictions will be a thing of the past!

The Weekender
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Wherever your heading off to this summer, knowing what to pack can be a tricky thought process. What’s even trickier is when you only have hand luggage (check out our 2023 guide to the best carry ons if so!) and that pesky 100ml limit is preventing you from packing all your favourites. Well, Wildsmith Skin have come up with a pretty good resolution with their latest launch, The Weekender. 

The Weekender set is a carefully curated collection designed to cleanse and hydrate when you are away from home, perfect for holiday travelling. Not only does it comes as a set of minis, but each of the products are specifically designed to help your skin and hair whilst you’re on the move. The Weekender’s bath and body products are also packaged in PCR Resin which is created using recycled plastics that would otherwise have become landfill.

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What is included in The Weekender set? 

Active Repair Nourishing Cleansing Balm (15 ml)

An award winning cleansing balm with natural surfactants to deeply cleanse the skin, whilst 9 precious oils and rich butters nurture and replenish, effortlessly melting away makeup, SPF and dissolving impurities, daily dirt and grim. Skin is left clean, clear and healthy

Active Repair Copper Peptide Cream (15 ml)

A powerful copper peptide moisturiser with hyaluronic acid designed to restructure the skin’s collagen and restore firmness. It delivers antioxidant protection, preventing cellular damage and removing damaged collagen and elastin. Skin appears smoother by limiting facial contractions which leads to lines and wrinkles.

Hand and Body Wash (50ml)

A botanical cleanser with a creamy, rich texture. The naturally derived surfactant system is derived from coconut oil and sugar, a gentler alternative to sulphates and a better choice for the environment. This bespoke complex of mild surfactants provides a thorough cleanse without stripping or irritating skin.

Hand and Body Lotion (50ml)

A velvety hand lotion with a wonderful sensorial experience. Sweet Almond Oil contains Vitamin E and A to nourish skin and keep moisture locked in. Shea Butter helps to restore the skin's barrier and ensures a velvety texture on the hands.

Shampoo (50 ml)

Fragranced with linden, chamomile and cedarwood to soothe and reduce any irritation found on the scalp. It's formulated using a blend of gentle botanical cleansers (a gentler alternative to sulphates) to thoroughly cleanse, refresh and restore vitality to hair, without stripping and drying out hair and scalp.

Conditioner (50 ml)

Contains the same fragrances as the Shampoo, the Conditioner includes a vitamin-rich blend of natural butters, oils and honey to instantly nourish and moisturise hair leaving it feeling softer and looking smoother. 

The Weekender: price and availability 

You can buy The Weekender set on Wildsmith Skin’s website for £58. All 6 products are elegantly presented in a Wildsmith Skin Cotton Travel Pouch, perfect to just throw in your luggage before heading off. 

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