This is the official OnePlus 5 dual camera: Is it a true flagship killer?

Yup, it’s official, we’ll see a dual camera on the affordable powerhouse

OnePlus just officially released a real-world photo of its OnePlus 5 smartphone. This is the handset that’s set to be a flagship killer with pricier Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy targets in its sights.

Those sights look set to be pretty impressively focused thanks to a dual camera setup on the rear. The photo, revealed on the official OnePlus Twitter account, shows the top rear of the OnePlus 5. With it was the accompanying words: “OnePlus 5. Dual Camera. Clearer Photos.” Concise and clear as reveal statements go, but not too informative. We’ve pulled out more.

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Other revelations that we can glean from the image include that there will be a single flash setup, the casing appears to be made from brushed metal and the design looks pretty slim. There’s no sign of a rear fingerprint sensor though - will it be on the front or has OnePlus cracked the in-screen fingerprint reader that Apple is rumoured to be trying to work into its iPhone 8?

Other specs previously leaked include a Quad HD display, Snapdragon 835 processor, 6GB of RAM, 128GB storage and a £500 price. Impressive for that level of quality.

OnePlus will officially reveal the OnePlus 5 completely on 20 June at 5pm BST.

OnePlus 5 flagship killer confirmed for 20 June