This Huawei P30 Cyber Monday deal bags you a FREE Nintendo Switch. Don't miss out!

This jaw-dropping Virgin Media phone deal scores you a free Nintendo Switch – the world's fastest-selling console

(Image credit: Huawei/Nintendo)

This is one of the best Cyber Monday deals we've seen from Virgin Media. That's because if you upgrade to a new Huawei P30 with a 36-month SIM plan (paying nothing upfront) then you can have a Nintendo Switch games console as a free Christmas gift.

Yes, you did read that right. Pick up this amazing all-rounder phone from Huawei right now through Virgin Media, starting from £27 and you get either the fastest selling console of all time for absolutely nothing.

You'd think that there would be some downside to such a sweet deal, but with plenty of options for building your extras-stuffed SIM plans, with as much data and as many minutes as you want unlimited texts, and EU roaming included, as well as totally free fast delivery on everything, this offer really does deliver across the board. 

We especially like the 5,000 minutes, unlimited texts and 24GB data for £33 per month and nothing upfront. Considering you're getting a huge amount of data, a Huawei P30 and a Nintendo Switch in there, it's a Cyber Monday bargain.

The full details of the deal can be viewed below:

Huawei P30 + Nintendo Switch | Up-front cost: £0.00 | Monthly cost: from £27.00 | Virgin Media
The the Huawei P30 is a very appealing proposition. It's fast, it's solidly built and it ticks a lot of the boxes you need from a great phone in 2019. The Switch is an amazing console worth £299.99 on its own, but you can pick it up in this deal for nothing up front and then from £27 per month with a 36-month plan from Virgin Media, although the company's £33 plan with 24GB per month is by far the best of the bunch. View Deal

Why get the Huawei P30?

The Huawei P30 is an awesome flagship phone that delivers when you need it to. Its rear camera setup with a main 40MP rear sensor takes excellent photos: they're sharp and accurate with very little noise. A clear, almost bezel-less 1,080 x 2,340px screen makes watching videos on the phone a pleasure, while the notch is automatically blocked off so it doesn't impose itself on your screen time while watching in landscape.  

Why get the Nintendo Switch? 

It's the fastest selling console in the world for a reason. We'll let our review say it best:

"Nintendo Switch is an innovative, stylish and fun video game console. It has a premium look and feel, attractive price point and offers both a home console and portable handheld experience in one slick package.

Simply put, the Nintendo Switch takes the best parts from the WiiWii U and Nintendo 3DS and combines them into a system that is greater than the sum of its parts."

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