This dating app lets you search for celebrity lookalikes

Fancy a certain celeb? You could soon be dating their double

As dating apps go there are few smarter than the newly updated to Badoo. This actually lets you search for specific celebrity lookalikes. We’d swipe right to that.

Already the list of models and celebs on the app is being well used with Kendall Jenner taking the top spot, but of course the Justin Bieber lookalikes are in there too. 

This all works using a smart facial recognition algorithm to make comparisons. Looks are the priority so you’ll end up with the most local first but in order to make that match you could end up finding a match from the other side of the globe. Better get ready to cash in those air miles then.

But it’s not as easy as simply finding the lookalike. You both need to have liked each other before lines of communication are opened to you. Of course if this has a negative appearance to you, as a celeb lookalike yourself, then you can opt out of the facial recognition software.

The app is free to use, just sign up and you can get searching for your celeb lookalike love-to-be right away.

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