This cheap electric toothbrush deal is ACTUALLY REALLY GOOD

Not one but TWO premium brushes for under £125. You just have to endure a cheesy 'his and hers' colour scheme…

Cheap Oral-b Genius 9000 toothbrush deals electric toothbrush deals
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Even the best electric toothbrush deals are like tube trains in London. If you miss one, sure it's annoying, but there'll be another one along in a moment that's just as good. This, however, is the Orient Express of electric toothbrush deals with a theoretical saving of £474.

• Oral B Genius 9900: 2x Genius 9000 electric toothbrushes in a double-pack, £124 was £212 save £87

You will note that the actual saving is £87, which is somewhat less than £474 but usually the RRP for one Genius 9000 is £299: hence the theoretical £474 saving. Even today, when it's also discounted, a single Genius 9000 will cost you £99 at Amazon. So with this twin-pack you're only paying £25 for the second brush.

Oral-B Genius 9900 £124 | Was £212 | Save £87 at Amazon
Perfect for a couple, this comes complete with 4 rotary brushes, a charger, a travel charger/case thing and a mount for your smartphone for the Genius's 'smart' brush tracking. The headline feature, clearly is that you get two entire Genius 9000 toothbrushes for your money, one in black and one in rose gold. That gender-tailored colour coding seems a little regressive and cheesy… but still, a great deal.View Deal

Oral-B Genius 9000 £99 | Was £299 | Save £200 at Amazon
Do you live alone, with nobody to love you? Then you may as well get just one Genius 9000. Actually, with 4 brush heads thrown in, you could use it between two of you anyway, and not have to bicker over who gets the rose gold one. Under £100 for this brush is a great deal.View Deal

Why you should buy the Oral B Genius 9000

Whether you opt for big savings on one brush, or even bigger savings by getting a double pack, the Genius 9000 is among the best electric toothbrushes you can get. That's not because of the largely pointless 'smart' functionality that gives it its 'Genius' name. It's because it serves up expert cleaning, with 6 modes (including one for tongue cleaning. Annoyingly, you have to start the brush to select the mode – so it could be whirring away with toothpaste flying, while you try to toggle from 'whitening' to 'gum care'… but you do pick up the knack of doing this fairly quickly.

The four brushes it comes with is an unusually generous allotment, and should last one person a year, easily. 

As noted, the smart features are a bit crap, but the good news is… you don't need them. At £299 this is very over-priced but at £99 it is a STEAL. Your teeth and gums will love you for it.

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