This Arlo Pro 3 Black Friday deal saves you 62% – it's the security camera upgrade I'd choose

We love the Arlo Pro 3 but it came at a high price. At 62% off in Amazon's Black Friday deals, it's a brilliant buy

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The best Black Friday deals always include some smart home tech, and we’ve found a brilliant one for smart home security. Amazon is currently offering the Arlo Pro 3 Wireless Outdoor Home Security Camera System, a 3-camera setup with its own hub, for an astonishingly low price. The RRP is £749.99, but Amazon is currently doing it for £284.99. That’s not a typo. It really is 62% off.

• Arlo Pro 3 Wireless Outdoor Home Security Camera System: was £749.99, now £284.99 at Amazon UK

Arlo makes very impressive smart security cameras. In Arlo Pro 3 review we described it as “the Iron Man of smart security, offering powerful technical capabilities in a slick package that makes it largely easy to unleash that power (and looks great at the same time). But it’s massively expensive” – and now it isn’t.

Arlo does things differently from other security camera manufacturers. Instead of sitting on your Wi-Fi network, these Arlo cameras connect to a dedicated hub so you’re not using any of your Wi-Fi bandwidth – and, equally, people using your Wi-Fi can't cause any issues with the cameras. 

The base station enables you connect USB storage so you can store your footage locally, or you can use the paid cloud storage – or both, for maximum security. This deal includes a few months of that for free, which is definitely worth trying, because it adds other smarts too, including the ability to differentiate people from animals from packages.

My home is already kitted out with smart security cameras, but if I were buying a system from scratch today, I'd be over at Amazon buying this Arlo Pro 3 bundle. It's that good a deal. 

Arlo Pro 3, 3-camera kit: was £749.99, now £284.99 at Amazon UK

Arlo Pro 3, 3-camera kit: was £749.99, now £284.99 at Amazon UK
When we reviewed this system we raved about absolutely everything except the price: at over £700, it was one of the most expensive options around. At 62% off on Amazon. though, it's an exceptional buy. You get three cameras, plus the base station. The cameras feature high-quality HDR video, with night vision, weatherproofing and totally wireless operation – the battery life is six months.

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