The top 5 PS5 Black Friday deals at Amazon for today

Grab the latest PS5 Black Friday deals from Amazon now

PS5 Black Friday deals PlayStation 5 Amazon 2020
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It's very nearly December and that means only one thing: Black Friday deals are arriving from retailers across the world. The hottest of hot products this year is Sony's brand new PS5 and we're tracking the best deals for the console and all the other accessories, games and extras.

While the PS5 is very hard to come by at the moment due to massive demand, there are still a lot of deals available for TVs, accessories, games, and a lot more besides. If you haven't been successful in grabbing a PS5, we encourage you to wait for more new stock rather than buying from resellers that gouge prices.

The PS5 represents the next generation of consoles, with an awesome amount of power on tap to power ever-crisper and more detailed gaming. While the PS4 Pro could support 4K comfortably, the PS5 steps that up to 8K and offers 120fps gaming at 120Hz on compatible monitors.

Let's jump into the best PS5 accessory deals from Amazon.

Samsung 2020 55" Q70T QLED 4K | £869 £799 from Amazon
A good TV is crucial for the PS5. Why have such a powerful, 4K-capable console without letting it sing? After testing, we recommend Samsung's 55-inch QLED 4K box, which comes with the full range of smart TV services, too. View Deal

PlayStation VR Starter Pack | Over 200 games and experiences | £259 from Amazon
As we were saying just now, the PS5 is extremely powerful and that makes it perfect for transporting you into the world of virtual reality games using PS VR. Originally launched for the PS4, PS VR is fully compatible with PS5, which can also run PS4 games. 

PS5 Wall Mount by Floating Grip | £29.99 from Amazon
The PS5 is big, far bigger than the PS4 at least, and that could make storing it a bit tricky. Luckily, Floating Grip have a cool solution: a sticky wall mount that means you can place your PS5 next to your TV for a minimalist, chic setup. There's also two grips for the new DualSense controllers. 

PS5 HD Camera | £59.99 £49.99 from Amazon
The clue is in the name: PS5 HD Camera is the Sony-made webcam for the PS5, letting you video chat in-game with friends and broadcast gameplay to the world.

Seagate External Hard Drive | 1TB | £40.99 from Amazon
The PS5 comes with a fair amount of storage but backwards compatibility with PS4 games is going to fill that up quickly and so it's worth investing in an external hard drive to ease the load. View Deal

So, whether you've copped a PS5 or not, make a start on getting yourself prepared for the next-generation gaming experience with these handy accessories.