The top 4 PS5 Black Friday deals at Currys today

While PS5 stocks are running low, Currys has Black Friday deals on PS VR, Samsung TVs, and lots more

Currys Black Friday PS5 deals 2020
(Image credit: Images of all products: Sony)

Like lockdown, the annual Black Friday deals event has returned just before Christmas, giving everyone a chance to bag some bargain gifts, for themselves or others. The PS5 is the hot gift this year and stocks are running low so we've found the four best accessory deals at Currys right now.

Following on from the PS4 Pro, the PS5 is a beast: everything has been turned up to 10 from the design and physical size to the brand new internals that can drive 8K games and 120fps speeds in some scenarios. It's a console like no other and it'll only get better as more developers build and optimise games for it.

No matter whether you're a casual gamer, coming from a PS4 Pro or Xbox, or just want something to pass the time as the nights get longer, the PS5 is ideal. But no PS5 is complete without a few other bits and pieces and Currys is currently running some great Black Friday deals. 

Let's jump in into the PS5 deals...


SAMSUNG QE55Q80TATXXU 55" 4K | £1,099 £899 from Currys
First off, given all the power the PS5 has, it seems a shame not to make use of the 4K gaming (and upscaling for older games) on a big, crisp Samsung Smart TV. Luckily, Currys has just the thing.


Seagate Hard Drive | 4TB | £99.99 £87.99 from Currys
The PS5 can play almost all PS4 games, inevitably leading to a big stroage crunch. Seagate's portable gaming hard drive, designed for the PS4 and PS5, is the perfect antidote, storing all the games you own but don't play often (and then some).


PlayStation HD Camera | £49.99 from Currys
Whether you want to chat to friends or become the next Twitch superstar, you're going to need a good camera and Sony's PS5-specific HD Camera is the one to pick. It even comes with a built-in stand for the top of your TV. 


PS5 Media Remote | £24.99 from Currys
The PS5 comes with snazzy new DualSense controllers but what about watching TV and films? The Media Remote solves this conundrum by letting you control your TV and PS5 from one device. Never leave the sofa again.

While PS5 stocks might be running low pretty much everywhere (but keep trying!), it's a good chance to get all of the other bits and pieces that make the PS5 extra special together in anticipation.


Max Slater-Robins

Max Slater-Robins has written for T3 now on and off for over half a decade, with him fitting in serious study at university in between. Max is a tech expert and as such you'll find his words throughout, appearing in everything from reviews and features, to news and deals. Max is specifically a veteran when it comes round to deal hunting, with him seeing out multiple Black Friday campaigns to date.