The Samsung Gear 360 Camera is now available for pre-order in the UK

You can also reserve one in Europe, the States and in Samsung's home of South Korea

We've know for a little while now that Samsung's Gear-ready 360 Camera will be available worldwide around the middle of June - so it comes as something of a relief to know you can now pre-order one in the UK and secure your device for next month.

At the moment, only one retailer in the UK is currently offering the chance to pre-order, online retailer (although we fully expect that list to grow in the next four weeks or so). With its price set at £299.99, this new gizmo certainly isn't a light investment, but as an officially licensed product it's set to become a must for those with mad love for the Gear VR headset.

The Samsung Gear 360 Camera is no cheap tie-in either - with a besoke app for your Samsung smartphone, the 360 Camera offers the ability to capture true 360 degree images thanks to separate 180 degree lenses. You can slip your device into a Gear VR and relive those incredible moments from every angle.

At the moment, you can also pre-order the Samsung Gear 360 Camera in Continental Europe, at select retailers in the United States and from Samsung's official store in its home of South Korea.

Via: MobileFun

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