The next iPhone could feature a dual-lens camera

Apple appears to have finally cracked it

Apple has apparently been trying to perfect dual-lens camera technology for a number of years, and now it seems to have paid off. According to reports, the braniacs at Cupertino have overcome all major issues and are ready to feature a dual-lens setup on the next iPhone.

We're already big fans of the 8-megapixel camera in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and believe it's one of the best, but Apple still wants more. After numerous rumours linking the Apple Watch maker to dual-lens cameras, it appears the company is now ready to deliver.

According to the CEO of Altek - the company that makes dual-lens cameras for firms including HTC and Huawei – Apple has spent the last three years secretly testing dual-lens cameras.

However until now, Apple's dual-lens plans have been hampered by various issues, such as blurry images and the fact that no manufacturer has been able to cope with Apple's huge production demands.

According to BusinessWeekly Taiwan, though, that's all been sorted now. Apple's recent acquisition of LinX technologies has apparently provided a method to fix the blurring issues. The report also states that supply issues have been ironed out, with Apple managing to find a capable manufacturer.

All of this would suggest that Apple is ready to start producing dual-lens cameras, but we doubt the technology would be ready in time for this year's iPhone 6S – which will likely feature a range of minor fixes, design tweaks and the addition of Force Touch. It's more likely that we'll see a dual-lens on the iPhone 7, so you serial snappers can start getting excited.