The new is nearly here. Check out the beta version now!

Our revamped, redesigned site is now available for YOU to try; do let us know what you think

Site news! We've been hard at work preparing a whole new, redesigned and now you can see it for yourself at

Not everything is totally spick and span as yet, but it'll give you a good impression of what's to come when we switch over to the new site.

We've also got a new strapline: Smarter Living. As you've probably noticed, is no longer purely gadget-orientated. We're stretching out and moving beyond our old core areas. 

The new showcases literate, incisive buying guides alongside the very coolest new products across style, living and auto. There are new, dedicated channels for smart home, buying guides, watches, travel, fitness and more. 

Add our carefully curated, money-saving deals posts and we truly have the best of everything, if we do say so ourselves. It's Smarter Living, courtesy of a smarter is the UK’s leading lifestyle technology website, but now we’re taking our content wider and deeper, helping you discover more cutting-edge, beautiful, sexy things that help you make the most of life.

We hope you love it, and come back again and again. 

Check it out now at and let us know what you think @T3dotcom.