The best Xbox Series S Black Friday deals of the day

Microsoft's entry-level Xbox Series S is a great console, made even greater by Black Friday deals

Microsoft Xbox Series S Black Friday deals 2020
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft is gunning for a return to greatness in the gaming space after the relative failure of the Xbox One compared to Sony's PS4 and it seems like they have a good shot: the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S compare very favourably to Sony's PS5, with a great design, powerful internals, and a deep bench of games.

The Xbox Series X and Series S launched earlier this month to solid reviews, just in time for some good Black Friday deals and discounts on the consoles.

The Xbox Series S is basically the little brother of the Series X, lacking a disc drive – which could easily be a good thing – and some of the high-end power of the X. What it does have however is basically everything else: Microsoft has worked hard to make the Series X competitive with a powerful GPU and SSD underpinning performance.

Microsoft has also learned from the mistakes of last time and made the new consoles backwards compatible with Xbox One games and loosening its restrictive game DRM policies. The Series X and S are the products of this reflection and better consoles for it in our opinion.

The main difference between the Series S and X is simple: price. The Series X clocks in at about $299/£249.99, basically half the price of the X and PS5, and Microsoft is offering a nifty subscription bundle that gives you Xbox Game Pass and a Series S for $24.99/month or £20.99/month. Sony might well have met its match.