The best Samsung Galaxy Watch Black Friday deals

Looking for a smart and attractive fitness tracker with lots of battery life? These Samsung Galaxy Watch Black Friday may just be what you’re looking for

Samsung Galaxy Watch Black Friday deals
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With fantastic fitness tracking features and a four day battery life, the Samsung Galaxy Watch is a great option if you're looking for a stylish smartwatch that can be worn in the office and in the gym. And while it may no longer be the most advanced Galaxy Watch going when it comes to fitness features, it still gives a lot for the money. 

The Samsung Galaxy Watch retails at a much cheaper price than the Apple Watch equivalent, and that may be because you're sacrificing things like the number of apps available, waterproofing, and don't forget... who actually finds Bixby useful?

That doesn't mean you're opting for a lesser option, though. The Samsung Galaxy Watch is incredibly stylish, and the interface is intuitive to use, with the addition of a rotating bezel to assist with navigation. 

There are a good selection of apps (though not as many as the Apple Watch), and fitness features include the tracking of 21 indoor exercises and 39 tracked workouts.

There are even two clock face sizes to choose from  —  46mm and 42mm  —  making it suitable for wrists both large and small. And there is a range of colours to choose from, too, including Rose Gold and Midnight Black, making it a great all-around accessory.

The best Samsung Galaxy Watch Black Friday deals

Don't forget, because there have been two successors to the Samsung Galaxy Watch, the most recent being the Samsung Galaxy Active2 in September, there are now some great bargains to be had.  Check out the best deals below. 

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