The best Roku Streaming Stick Black Friday deals of the day

Roku's Streaming Sticks are the quickest and simplest way to get the best TV, now with Black Friday discounts

Roku Streaming Sick Black Friday Deals 2020
(Image credit: Roku)

You've probably heard about Amazon's Fire TV Stick and Google's Chromecast but there's a third player and what they offer is really good. Roku has been making TV streaming devices for a long time now, offering an independent alternative to rival streamers from gigantic companies. Black Friday is the perfect time to grab a bargain TV Streaming Stick from Roku.

Just as with Amazon and Google's offerings, the concept behind Roku's Streaming Stick is simple: one HDMI port is needed to unlock a whole world of content from all the major streaming services (from Netflix to Disney+ to BBC iPlayer) and more. There's also a decent selection of free TV offerings. 

The included remote is incredibly simple and sleek, with quick-access buttons for all the major things you'll want to do on the device. The remote also controls the TV, meaning you won't have to juggle multiple identical black rectangles at once. And on top of that, Roku has useful iOS and Android apps.

If you fancy something that isn't made by Apple, Google, or Amazon, then the Roku Streaming Stick is the ideal choice.