The best Roboroc Black Friday deals

A robot that does the cleaning for you? Get straight to these Roboroc Black Friday deals now!

Roboroc Black Friday deals
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Who loves getting in from work only to be greeted by dirty floors? Can we see any hands in the air? No? Well… the solution lies with Roboroc, and now you can grab this marvellous machine for less than the market price with these best Roboroc Black Friday deals.

The Roboroc literally takes all the agro out of hoovering and mopping. Using advanced route planning technology, powerful suction power and advanced mopping technology, the robot will automatically clean your floors at a time that you set. This means you can get home from work to sparkling floors!

There are four vacuums in the Roboroc range  —  the Xiaowa E2, the Xiaowa E3, the Roboroc S5, and the Roboroc S6. 

With the solution to two of the most mundane house chores in one machine, these best Black Friday deals are almost priceless! 

The best Xiaowa E2 Black Friday deals 

The Xiaowa E2 is the most basic in the Roboroc vacuum range but that doesn’t mean it’s short on features. It offers all the route planning technology you could need, plus sophisticated app and voice control.  

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The best Xiaowa E3 Black Friday deals 

Next up is the Xiaowa E3, which offers all the tech of the E2 but with a boosted battery capacity, suction power, and run time.  

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The best Roboroc S5 and S6 Black Friday deals 

Then you have the Roboroc S5 and S6, which offer even more precision when it comes to area cleaning. You can even program the Roboroc S6 to clean certain rooms on certain days. 

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