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Need a break from all the footy? Let's find you some cheap PC game deals then. It's ok, one of them's footy-related, we don't want to make you go cold turkey too sharply.

Football Manager 2018 is making another late comeback to the charts as footy fans dive into full-on World Cup mania mode - these four-match days are killing us in all honesty.

It'll surprise nobody that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is still selling superbly and we've got some great news if you've never played it, it's super cheap this week.

The newest game in our roundup this week is Vampyr, a tale of blood and consequences from the team behind Life is Strange and the underrated (and ironically named now) Remember Me.

Take a look below for more details on each of these games, along with our price comparison chart for the cheapest deals the net has to offer. If nothing takes your fancy, then be sure to check out the Steam summer sale.

#1: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds deals

Fortnite who? PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds deals continue to be popular despite some stiff competition in the battle royale genre. Things are only going to get tougher too as more and more games cash in on the newfound popularity of the genre. Shooter fans are still buying and loving PUBG though and hopefully this means we'll see speedier rollouts of new maps and features from the devs. PUBG features in the Steam Sale this week, but it looks like CDKeys may have come in even cheaper according to our comparison charts below.

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#2: Vampyr deals

Dontnod Entertainment clearly needed a break from 'hella' teen vibe of Life is Strange and Vampyr looks like the ideal palette cleanser for the team ahead of the sequel. So it's time to stalk the old cobbled streets of London as a vampire looking out for hunters and feral vampires. The action side of Vampyr isn't why you'll stick around though. Dontnod has put its narrative skills to the test by giving you lots of choice over which citizens to feed from, often impacting the game world itself via your decisions. Heavy Rain it aint, but if you're looking for a narrative to really sink your teeth into (sorry), this is more than worth a look.

#3: Football Manager 2018 deals

With the World Cup finally under way, we're far from short of football action right now, but if you're looking for something to pass the time between matches, or keep you occupied during quieter ones, Football Manager 2018 is a solid go to game. It's seriously cheap now too before the inevitable 2019 edition releases.

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