The best gear for protecting your phone this summer

Surviving festivals, beaches and more

You're going to want to take your phone everywhere you go this summer, but that brings with it a few potential issues - such as keeping your mobile protected against the sand of a golden beach or the mud of a music festival, for example. As well as keeping your handset powered up and connected, you're also going to need to think about keeping it safe.

Preparation is key, and we've got some ideas for additional tech you can use to make sure your phone survives the holidays, from waterproof cases to coolers to keep the temperature down (high temperatures are bad for your phone and its battery). Invest in a couple of these and you can get on with enjoying the sunshine - if any appears.

1. Lifeproof Fre

A waterproof and shockproof case is the obvious place to start here, although many a modern-day phone is waterproof anyway - check your handset for details. We've also covered plenty of cases on in the past so we'll limit ourselves to one choice here, although you can find all kinds of makes and models to fit your particular smartphone.

The Fre waterproof cases from Lifeproof hit the triple whammy of keeping water and dirt out, protecting against drops, and looking stylish at the same time. You can pick them up for most of the popular phones on the market at the moment, and in a range of different colours too. Take your phone anywhere without worrying what's going to happen to it.

Price: £69.99/$89.99 | Buy Lifeproof Fre

2. Dry Case Soft Cooler

Headed out to the beach? You need to keep your phone protected against sand, water, and excessive heat, and this soft cooler from Dry Case has every eventually covered - plus there's an extra 40 litres of storage space for all your sandwiches and drinks. The cooler has a 30 mm insulation layer and a purge valve to create a vacuum seal inside the bag.

As far as your phone goes, the cooler has external pockets that keep your gadgets dry and free from sand while still enabling you to operate them via touchscreen, just in case you need to send the occasional beach-side Instagram. Admittedly its an expensive bit of gear, but your phone deserves it, right? And did we mention it can hold up to 48 cans of beer?

Price: $199.99 (about £155) | Buy Dry Case Soft Cooler

3. Ultimate Beach Towel

Staying at the beach (and why not?), the appropriately named Ultimate Beach Towel marks out your territory on the sand as well as giving you somewhere safe and protected to keep your smartphone: there are several waterproof pouches fitted into the top of the towel, so you can keep a camera, your e-reader and your car keys in there as well.

This particular towel comes in two designs - Zebralicious and Ziggy Stripe - but this is one of those lower-end products with options from dozens of different companies, so have a look around online to see what you can find. Make sure you double-check the user reviews so you know your beach towel's going to do a decent job of keeping your phone protected.

 Price: $30 (about £23) | Buy Ultimate Beach Towel

4. Tile Bluetooth tracker

If you're heading off camping, whether it's a weekend in the woods or at a music festival, you don't have to worry about sand and water as much - but maybe you do need to worry about your handset going for a wander, whether accidental or otherwise. Tile is one of the best solutions for keeping track of it, and it has a number of tricks you can make use of.

For example, the Bluetooth gadget can be pressed to get your phone to ring, which is handy for finding it in a messy tent. If you attach one to your phone or your phone case, meanwhile, you can get the Tile itself to ring or see it on a map - though you'll need to use a friend's phone to do this, so we suggest buddying up with a Tile partner beforehand.

 Price: £23/$25 | Buy Tile Bluetooth tracker

5. AyeGear J25

If you're looking for an all-weather jacket that will hold your gadgets and keep you protected against the elements (hey, sunshine isn't always guaranteed), you can't do much better than the AyeGear J25. It's got a total of 25 separate compartments to make use of - you can stuff your laptop and iPad in here as well as your phone and camera.

The coat is made from a special combination of cotton and nylon, with a waterproof lining, and sleeves that come off if it starts to warm up. You also get a retractable reel for your keys, an internal earphone routing system to listen to your tunes while your phone's packed away, and an elastic drinks bottle strap, so pretty much everything is covered.

Price: £149.99/$192.70 | Buy AyeGear J25