The best Fujifilm X-A5 Black Friday deals

Learn some new tricks from an old camera with these Fujifilm X-A5 Black Friday deals

The best Fujifilm X-A5 Black Friday deals
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The saying goes that history doesn't repeat itself, but when it comes to Black Friday deals on the Fujifilm X-A5 camera, it seems it does. 

Our technology tracks the best prices on the internet, so you can be confident that what you see below are the best Fujifilm X-A5 deals this Black Friday. 

The Fujifilm X-A5 is missing some key features compared to and has lower specs than newer models such as the X-T3, but if you're looking for an entry-level camera that is great for beginners, look no further than this Black Friday deal.

The X-A5 is still a premium interchangeable lens camera, and was the first in the X series to come with an LCD screen that flips up 175-degrees making it easier to take a selfie. It's also got a wide-angle lens as standard. 

It has a 24.2MP sensor which is still more than good enough for a beginner's camera. 

The only other downside is there is no viewfinder, so composition of the photograph happens solely on the screen. 

Importantly, the camera is built well and handles well thanks to the sturdy but light metal body. 

The best Fujifilm X-A5 Black Friday deals 

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