The best Cyber Monday TV deals for PS5 and Xbox Series X – top US and UK deals

These TVs are perfect for PS5, with 4K 120Hz support, VRR and excellent response times – and they're all Black Friday TV bargains!

PS5 TV deals Cyber Monday
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Hunting for the best TV deals is a normal part of the sales these days, but this year it's taken on an extra dimension for those who've picked up (or will soon get) a PS5 or Xbox Series X – you want to get a TV with next-gen features including 4K at 120Hz and Variable Refresh Rate, to get the most out of them. Well, we've picked out the best three TV deals on sets with next-gen features built-in below.

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Having support for 4K at 120Hz over HDMI means that in certain games, the console can show you 120 frames per second – this makes things look clearer and smoother, while also meaning everything is more reactive. Racing game Dirt 5 is maybe the best showcase of this, giving you both a better sense of speed, and also helping you feel more in control. It looks incredible.

Variable Refresh Rate is another tech for keeping things looking perfect at any frame rate – it makes sure that the TV's framerate and the console's are identical even when the console is struggling in busy sections of a game, so you don't end up with screen tearing (where the TV shows half of one frame and half of another, because the two devices aren't in sync). The PS5 doesn't support VRR yet, but an update with it is coming and based on some games on both platforms so far, it's a really good idea to have it in your TV.

We've chosen the best offers for both the US and the UK, so whichever country you're in, there's the perfect buy.

US PS5 TV deals

TV deal of the day!

Sony XBR-75X900H 75-inch 4K TV | Was: $2,199 | Now: $1,599 | Savings: $600 at Best Buy
This is an incredible TV for this price at this size! This TV is one step below Sony's flagship 4K LED TVs, but is priced like a mid-range set – you get cutting-edge processing for upscaling HD to 4K, unmatched handling of motion, support for next-gen gaming features (4K 120Hz now, VRR and ALLM coming soon), and truly fantastic image quality for this price. If you want a well-sized TV that's top-tier for both gaming and movies, for a really reasonable price, this is it.


Samsung QN55Q70T 55-inch QLED 4K TV | Was: $999 | Now: $799 | Savings: $200 at Best Buy
This is the cheapest TV that's ready for PS5 and Xbox Series X, with support for 4K at 120Hz and Variable Refresh Rates (plus an ultra-fast gaming mode)! Beyond that, it's a really good set generally, giving you the rich colors of QLED along with excellent processing, and a really easy to use smart TV system.


LG OLED55BX 55-inch OLED 4K TV | Was $1,599 | Now $1,296 | Save $303 at Walmart
LG's cheapest OLED TV is a real bargain at this price – you get the per-pixel precision lighting and contrast control that OLED is famed for, and it supports all key next-gen gaming features (including 4K 120Hz and Variable Refresh Rates) on all HDMI ports. Processing is extremely strong, the webOS smart TV platform is one of the best, and Dolby Vision HDR support helps to make the most of its OLED panel.

UK PS5 TV deals

Deal of the day!

LG CX 55-inch OLED TV | Was £1,399 | Now £1,299 | Save £300 at John Lewis
This is this set that won the best gaming TV prize at the T3 Awards 2020 and also sits right now at the very top of our best gaming TV guide. We gave it a maximum score of 5 starts on review, and considering it one of the absolute finest TVs on the market today. It's now a very welcome £100 off at John Lewis.


Samsung Q80T 55-inch QLED TV | Now £899. | Was £1,099 | Save £200 at Currys
As we confirmed in our Samsung Q80T review, this is an exceptional 4K TV for gaming with much-coveted HDMI 2.1 features to make it PS5-ready. 120fps at 4K and VRR are here and ready to bring games to life with Samsung's excellent proprietary QLED technology. Great brightness and fantastic upscaling seal the deal to make this a worthy futureproof investment. 


Samsung QE65Q800T 65-inch 8K QLED TV | Was £2,999 | Now £2,299 | Save £700 at Currys
How's this for a mega deal? Forget 4K TVs, here's a 65" 8K TV for £700 off! No worries that there's very little 8K content out there as this set will upscale all of your content to 8K, adjusting the picture in real time for the best detail. It supports every next-gen gaming feature, while Object Tracking Sound+ features eight speakers built into the four sides of the TV. Its QLED tech means you get vivid lifelike colours in HDR.


Sony KD-75XH9005 65-inch 4K TV | Was £1,999 | Now £1,599 | Save £400 at Currys
An incredible-value TV – this is only one step below Sony's flagship 4K TV in 2020, but is priced more like a mid-range. Dolby Vision HDR combined with a direct full array backlight bring excellent colour and contrast, Sony's best-in-class processing means even upscaled HD looks excellent on the 4K screen (vital at 75 inches), and there's 120Hz support for PS5 and Xbox Series X, with VRR and ALLM coming soon in an update.


Sony KD-65XH9005 65-inch 4K TV | Was £1,299 | Now £1,099 | Save £200 at Currys
Save TV as above, but in a slightly less ridiculously sized 65-inch version. This is the best visual quality you'll find for a 65-inch TV at this price, with Sony's processing really making the most of the 4K resolution at a nice big size. And it's still perfect for PS5/Xbox, with 4K 120Hz support and VRR coming soon.

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