The best Apple iPhone XS Black Friday deals

Apple's iPhone XS is one of the best smartphones in the world, especially with these Black Friday deals

Apple iPhone XS Black Friday deals
(Image credit: Apple)

There are few things that bring us as much joy as Black Friday deals, a chance to grab the latest and best electronics, fashion, fitness, toys, and whatever else for bargain basement prices. We're tracking all the best as they arrive, including some tasty offers on Apple's iPhone XS. 

The iPhone XS (or iPhone 10S), introduced in late 2018, continues the all-display design language that Apple started with the iPhone X, removing the home button in favour of larger apps and a more slick and beautiful user experience. It clearly worked, too, as all subsequent iPhones, besides the SE, have the design.

The 5.8-inch display might feel smaller by today's standards but that's a good thing for those who have smaller hands or pockets; having a 6-plus-inch smartphone isn't automatically a good thing. The cameras are fantastic, taking incredibly detailed shots in all lighting conditions, and the battery should get you through a whole day.

On top of the hardware, which is gorgeous, Apple's iOS offers best-in-class apps for all occasions and has recently been updated with widgets and loads more besides. And because it's Apple, it'll work like new on the XS. 

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