Tech Today: Latest iPhone 4S news, Kindle to outsell iPad?

Plus: Watch the keynote live, iPod classic lives on

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Tuesday night's news was naturally dominated by the aftermatch Apple iPhone launch event in Cupertino. We've got news on how to watch the keynote, the fate of the iPod classic and whether the announcement pleased investors. We've also got word on some pretty tasty Amazon Kindle Fire sales figures.

Amazon selling 50,000 Kindle Fire tablets a day?
Reports on Tuesday night suggest that Amazon has some serious envelope stuffing to do prior to the US Kindle Fire launch on November 15th. The Cult of Android website, claims to have gotten its hands-on internal inventory documents that say the company is selling 2,000 an hour, 50,000 a day. The report says that if this trend continues until launch day, it would have 2.5m pre-orders, beating the iPad 2 as the most successful tablet launch ever.
Link: CultofAndroid

Apple iPod classic lives on!
It has been rumoured for weeks that the iconic iPod classic might be ready for the knackers yard after 10 glorious years. When Apple failed to mention the device as part of its iPod presentation on Tuesday we thought it was curtains. However, when the Apple Store came back online, the click-wheel device remained among the family album. We're pretty happy about that.
Link: AppleInsider

Apple posts entire iPhone 4S launch event keynote
The Apple iPhone 4S launch practically killed the entire internet on Tuesday afternoon as Apple fans scrambled to hear the news as it was announced from Apple's Cupertino Campus. The company has kindly added the entire 137 minute keynote for you to enjoy at your leisure. How did Tim, Phil and Scott do in the absence of their mentor Steve Jobs? You can find out now.
Link: Apple

Here's Apple's Siri demo video too:

Infinity Blade 2 announced at 'Let's Talk iPhone' event
There'll be no prizes for guessing the most anticipated game for the new iPhone 4S following Tuesday's launch event. Developers ChAIR Entertainment took to the stage to showcase Infinity Blade 2 for iOS 5, which will arrive on December 1st 2011. With graphics 7x more powerful on the new handset, this one should take iPhone gaming to the next level.
Link: PadGadget

Investors panic as iPhone 5 pulls a no-show
Apple stock dropped 5 per cent on Tuesday as the company failed to produce a new iPhone 5 model. Seemingly the launch of a vastly improved device wasn't enough to convince Wall Street, which seemingly anticipated a slick new design. Stocks dropped as much as $20 per share, before rebounding slightly.
Link: TechCrunch