Take Two to launch tablet titles at same time as console/PC versions

Claims that smartphones and tablets will match the power of next gen consoles in three years

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Claims that smartphones and tablets will match the power of next gen consoles in three years

Take Two has announced that it will soon begin shipping the tablet versions of its games at the same time as the console and PC versions.

Speaking at the Cowen and Company Technology, Media and Telecom Conference, executive chairman Strauss Zelnick revealed the change in strategy, reports Polygon.

"We continue to believe that video games will be more and more important to consumers on mobile platforms, especially tablets," he said.

"We think tablets are going to be as good as PCs. We think they're a great entertainment device already. They're not quite there from a processing power POV, but they will get there."

Zelnick pointed to the success of recent releases – such as Civilisation Revolution, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Max Payne – as a sign tablet gaming had come of age.

"We're closer and closer to actually delivering current product that way," he said. "For example, we're going to release a full mobile version of XCOM: Enemy Unknown this summer.

That's obviously a great way to make money, because we're repurposing old content that's already paid for, and the marketing expenses are low.

He also said that as the market matures and tablets improve, the games market will see a move toward a more traditional street date system.

"As tablets get smarter and more robust, we figure we'll have day-and-date releases on tablets in the same way that we do on PC. That also mitigates any risk related to the launch of the next hardware generation."

He added that he believes tablets and smartphones will equal the power and ability of next gen consoles within the next three years.

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