Tacx turbo trainer, step aside: this Elite SuperCrono Mag Force (Volare) Bundle is now 46% off

All the accessories you need to continue your cycling training indoors this winter

Cheap turbo trainer deal
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Tacx smart trainers are good and all, but they come at a steep price, too. For all the price conscious cyclists who would like to continue their training indoors but don't want to spend hundreds of pounds on a trainer, we found a brilliant cheap turbo trainer bundle deal from Wiggle: the Elite SuperCrono Mag Force (Volare) Bundle is only £119.99 now, save over a £100!

• Buy the Elite SuperCrono Mag Force (Volare) Bundle at Wiggle for £119.99, was £224.99, you save £105 – 46%

Even if you are after Tacx trainers, Wiggle has you covered: the Tacx Bushido Smart Trainer is 49% off (now selling for a very modest £275), making both of the above deals proper pre Black Friday deals. Even Christmas deals if you ask me!


Elite SuperCrono Mag Force (Volare) Bundle | Sale price £119.99 | Was £224.99 | Save £105 (46%) at Wiggle
Get a complete turbo trainer bundle without breaking the bank. Easy to assemble and relatively quiet, Elite claims their ElastoGel offers "50% noise reduction over traditional alloy rollers". Included in the bundle: a trainer, sweat net, travel block and a water bottle. Now almost half price, £105 off at Wiggle!

Why you should buy the Elite SuperCrono Mag Force (Volare) Bundle

Winter training can go either way: you can try and battle the elements outdoors or bring the training indoors to the comfort of your home. The latter option also has two sub-option: you can buy an indoor bike or you can get a turbo trainer.

The second option is preferred by people who would like to use their own bike, even when training indoors. Using your preferred saddle and cockpit can be a big plus.

• Buy the Elite SuperCrono Mag Force (Volare) Bundle at Wiggle for £119.99, was £224.99, you save £105 – 46%

The bundle includes the trainer (of course), a sweat net – you sweat loads more indoors that drips on the frame which can corrode it –, a water bottle – see also: sweating a lot – and a travel block.

The Elite SuperCrono Mag Force is maintenance free and the ElastoGel roller used in the Elite SuperCrono Mag Force can even enhance performance with mountain bike tyres, too.

P.S.: The Elite Drivo II Smart Turbo Trainer has also been discounted off and is now £849, saving you £350.99. 😉

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