T3 summer style: clothing, grooming, silent, gadget-charging luggage, and a coat for your loudspeaker

You've got the cool and stylish tech. Time to raise your clothing, grooming and suitcase-ing game

T3's resident style guru Josh Sims is never seen without immaculately turned up Japanese selvage, immaculate brogues or achingly stylish, tech-influenced trainers, and very unusual glasses. We asked him to put together a list of the best tech-related style for us, and he grudgingly agreed.

Here are his summer tips for flaming June.

• Less stylish, more practical: the best running shoes

• Sneak this way for the best sunglasses


Arlo Skye luggage

Use an aluminium magnesium alloy, anodize it to a depth of just 7 microns, add grooves for durability and recessed bumpers for protection. Utilise Silent Run Lisof wheels (15% quieter than polyurethane wheels!) and build in a portable charger for phones and tablets.

The result is, bar none, the most badass carry-on luggage yet devised, from newcomer Arlo Skye.

$495 | Pre-order Arlo Skye


Summery prints tend to lean towards the tropical - palm trees, lush fruits, hula girls and the like.

This version of the Brandon shirt from Gothenberg-based jeans pimps Nudie takes an altogether more European slant. There's crabs, seaweed and the blueish green tint of seas that are most definitely NOT crystal clear.

£89 | Buy Nudie Brandon


Refinery Revitalising Moisturiser

The packaging makes it look like a mobile phone charger or maybe a Dyson rolling pin. But actually, it's full of moisturiser. Well, of course it is.

Refinery's is loaded with vitamins C and E, as well as - surprise! - creatine. This is usually used by gym goers to boost muscle growth, so presumably it makes your cheeks, like, really buff. Sweet almond oil, sandalwood and vetiver brighten the skin and make it smell gooood.

£42 | Buy Refinery Revitalising


Clarks' Wallabee

The Desert Boot might get all the glory, but Clarks' more distinctive Wallabee, has always had its fans, notably among the Wu Tang Clan and other upstanding members of the hip-hop community. Well, it's now making a return, and not just with those still nostalgic for Madchester.

A little outside help has turned the 1960s comfort shoe - arguably the FIRST comfort shoe - into something less retro: skate label Supreme has added the woven front. If you can't find this edition, the classic will do just fine.

Around £70, depending on version | Buy Clarks' Wallabee


UVU Race Jacket

There are technical jackets… And then there's the UVU Race Jacket. Its seams are sonically-welded, rather than stitched, and it's replete with futher tech details: storm hood, chin guard, touchscreen compatible pocket, reflective piping and Velcro cuffs.

Most impressive of all, its waterproof, breathable fabric keeps the body temperature stable in both very hot AND very cold climates, making it perfect for the UK's ever-mecurial summer. It's the go-anywhere jacket.

$600 | Buy UVU Race Jacket


Linn Series 5 x Timorous Beasties

Linn's Series 5 is a typically fine sounding, high-end and highly techy speaker from Scots hifi wranglers Linn. Add these covers from some fellow sporran fanciers - the cutting-edge fabric and wall covering designer Timorous Beasties - and they also become works of art.

The covers go on seamlessly in seconds, like a pair of tights, and have been designed so as not to reduce the sonic performance of the Series 5.

£9,600 for speakers and a pair of covers; additional covers from £350 | Shop for Linn x Timourous Beasties