T3 Issue 200 out now

Special 200th edition out now – plus download the first ever issue for free

Get your hands on the collector's edition and download the very first issue of T3, for free

This month marks a special point in T3's history – our 200th issue. Sixteen years ago Tomorrow's Technology Today - the UK's first dedicated tech mag for men – hit newsstands.

The tech world has developed at a rate of knots since our inception – who knew in 1996 that you'd be able to read the monthly issue on a tablet? – and we've been reporting from the frontline on every key development ever since. Plus the ones that came and went.

To get T3 in print, on iPad or Android tablets, click here.

For this historic occasion, we've dedicated the cover feature to our pick of the finest gear ever to grace our world; an exhibition of the 200 greatest gadgets ever.

To get a real feel of how far the tech world and we have come, click here to download a digital copy of the very first edition of T3. Packed with everything from PDAs to fax machines via then-cutting-edge MiniDisc players, it's quite something to behold.

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