T3 Hype: best tech released this week; 4K Virgin TV V6, Sky Mobile, B&O Play Beoplay H9 and more

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This week we have 4K streaming, smart skiing and retro gaming from 4K Virgin TV V6, Sky Mobile, B&O Play Beoplay H9, Adidas Progressor Pro and more…

Virgin Media TV V6

Virgin Media has taken the wraps of its new TV V6 set-top box this week that will offer viewers 4K content. Taking on Sky Q this new box will not only offer UHD content but will also allow owners to record up to six channels at once.

The TV V6 will also support HDR when that gets introduced as an update down the line. There is also an optional tablet which is intended for remote viewing about the home with a 1080p, 14-inch screen. Although the app will let you view shows on existing smartphones and tablets anyway.

6 reasons to buy the Virgin TV V6 telly box

B&O Play Beoplay H9

Quite simply some of the best headphones out there right now are B&O’s new flagship Play Beoplay H9 cans - even if the name is a bit silly. These wireless earphones offer the latest hybrid Active Noise Cancellation for up to 14 hours on a three hour charge. 

The cowhide leather headband, aluminium build and soft ear cushions should make for a superior headset. The B&O Play Beoplay H9 earphones are £449 at launch.

Are the B&O Play Beoplay H9's the most finely-finished cord-free cans yet?

NES30 Classic Edition Set

If you’ve got the beautifully retro Nintendo Classic but want to make it a little more ready for playing in the-future-that-is-now, you can go wireless. The new NES30 Classic Set offers upgraded wireless controller compatibility for the console.

This comes with a receiver to plug into the console plus a controller. It will also work with plenty of other wireless controllers so two player, wire free retro gaming is easier to get than ever.

NES Mini Classic gets upgraded with wireless controller capability

Adidas Progressor Pro

The first new set of ski goggle from Adidas in over six years were always going to be good. The Progressor Pro is smart as it can be adapted to suit conditions.

The Adidas Progressor Pro features interchangeable lenses with varying shapes that suit the day. There will be Progressor S and C variants. 

The new Progressor C and Progressor S by Adidas Sport Eyewear will be available in in nine different colours and lens filter combinations, starting at £115. 

Adidas' new Progressor Pro eyewear are customisable ski goggles with style

Sky Mobile

Now Sky not only provides your TV and internet but it can offer you a mobile contract too. 

The Sky Mobile contract is pretty unique in that it lets users pick and choose what they want each month and will even let unused data roll over to the next month to be used later. Check out everything you need to know at the link below.

Sky Mobile: 5 reasons you'll want it