T3 Agenda: Ubiquiti's AmpliFi HD Mesh Wi-Fi. Cycliq's new Full HD bike cameras. And more!

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In today's edition of the T3 Agenda - supercharge your home Wi-Fi for good with the power of Amplifi HD; a set of HD camera/bright light combos for your bike; and much more...

Amplifi your home Wi-Fi with Ubiquiti's new HD Mesh  system

Mesh Wi-Fi might not have taken over just yet, but it's certainly no longer the fringe tech it used to be. So if you're looking to potentially boost the strength of your Wi-Fi with multiple nodes around the home, there's always the new AmpliFi HD Mesh Wi-Fi range from Ubiquiti.

The central routing device camouflages an advanced antenna design with a glowing base LED and a smart LCD display, and connects to adjustable MeshPoints that distribute Wi-Fi throughout the home. To reduce clutter, the MeshPoints can seamlessly be installed into any open electrical socket without any cables so you'll barely notice them.

The entire AmpliFi HD Mesh System can be yours now for £359.99 - or purchase the Standalone AmpliFi HD Router for £149.99 or the Standalone AmpliFi HD MeshPoint for only £132.49.

Capture your ride (and any mishaps) with these bike cameras from Cycliq

If you're a) the kind of person who really loves cycling and wants to relive every turn and pedal of your rides or b) you're a little worried about getting flung from your bike by an angry driver, then why not invest in a new bike camera? Cycliq has a set you can buy right now, with Full HD and hours of recording time.

The new Cycliq Fly 12 (pictured above) is a front-facing camera with 12 hours of recording time, 400 lumens of light and the ability to connect to your Strava profile and the data its collected. There's also the rear-facing Fly 6 camera, which offers six hours of footage, 30 lumens of light and a 'set and forget' looping mode.

The Cycliq Fly 12 retails for £289 and the Cycliq Fly 6 has a price tag of £119. You can buy both direct from cycliq.com.

Nintendo Switch's new NES and SNES peripherals are retro to the max

If we've learned anything from 2017, it's that people love anything with a Nintendo retro theme - especially if its connected to the NES or SNES. So, to the shock of absolutely no one, the Nintendo Switch is getting some new retro-themed controllers on the way.

8BitDo is the name of the firm behind them - so yes, unfortunately, they're not first-party - but the NES30 and the SNES30 (which comes in both Western and Japanese versions) are still some of the coolest peripherals we've seen in a long time (and a serious step up from the regular Pro Controller).

Its also working on the NES30 Arcade Stick - which will be perfect for long rounds of Ultra Street Fighter II on the go and at home. They also work with PS3, should you want to extend your retro gaming setup.

No UK pricings have confirmed just yet, but the US versions of the SNES30 and NES30 see them retailing for around $43 (£33), while the NES30 Arcade Stick will set you back $80 (£62)