Surface 3 to come with Nvidia's new processor

Rumours suggest Microsoft's next tablet could come with Xbox 360 quality graphics

The Surface 3 could come with Nvidia's recently announced Tegra K1 processor, it has been rumoured.

Nvidia took the wraps off its new 64-bit processor at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week.

The rumour was broken by @MSFTnerd. They tweeted that Microsoft is looking at using the new chipset in its Surface 3 tablet.

Microsoft is widely expected to unveil the Surface 3 later this year. It launched the Surface 2 in October 2013.

Microsoft uses Nvidia's current generation mobile Tegra chipset in its Surface 2 tablet. It make sense that the company would stick with Nvidia for the next version of its Windows 8 tablet.

Surface Mini

@MSFTnerd also tweeted that the rumoured Microsoft Surface Mini will arrive before the Surface 3. The Surface Mini is rumoured to come with 4G LTE – with the Surface 2 receiving the feature at the same time.

It is unclear if the Surface Mini will come with Windows 8, or whether the company will choose to debut Windows 9 on the tablet. If it chooses to stick with Windows 8, it could mean we see the Surface Mini before the end of March.

Microsoft is rumoured to be releasing Windows 9 – dubbed Threshold – around April.