Superb Smarty SIM only deal delivers 100GB data for £17 p/m and no contract

If you've been looking for a big data SIM only deal then the Mega Plan from Smarty is well worth a look

SIM only deal Smarty Christmas gifts
(Image credit: Smarty)

This SIM only deal from Smarty delivers a monstrous 100GB of data each month, as well as unlimited minutes and texts, for only £17. And, what's more, there is no contract. In terms of SIMO Christmas gifts, this is one incredible package.

Because, as we've noted many times before, when you reach this sort of ludicrous data level you really have, for all real-world intents and purposes, unlimited data. Yes, technically this deal doesn't deliver endless data (like some deals do; see below), but the fact that the data allowance is so high means you'd really have to try to breach it.

We're talking about the daily streaming of 4K movies, the downloading of massive multiple-gigabyte files, and hot-spotting a train load of guest users on basically each and every day of the month.

And, unlike those unlimited data plans, this one comes with no contract, meaning that if something even better comes along, then you can move on immediately.

You can check out the full details of the deal below:

Mega Plan SIM only | 100GB data | Unlimited mins & texts | £17 per month | 1-month roll-over plan | Available now at Smarty
Smarty has been killing it latest with big data, low price SIM only deals, and this latest Mega Plan offer continues that trend superbly. This deal bags you a monstrous 100GB of data each month to burn, as well as unlimited minutes and texts, for just £17 per month. And, unlike some other SIM only deals, this plan is contract free, with a 1-month roll over in effect. That means that if you're not happy at any time after the first month, then you can cancel at any time. Free delivery is also included.View Deal

Just can't shake the luster of unlimited data, though? Well, in that case we feel mandated to draw Three's superb unlimited everything deal to your attention. For £20 per month (but only £10 per month for the first six months of the 24-month contract) you get unlimited data, texts and calls, as well as Three excellent Go Roam Around the World functionality. Take a look at the package below:

SIM only | Unlimited data, texts and calls | £10 a month (for first 6 months, £20 per month afterwards | Contract length: 24 months | Available now at Three
Unlimited SIM only plans offer the ultimate in versatility and peace of mind, with you knowing each and every month that your phone usage, no matter what you do, will only cost what your plan costs. It allows you to kiss goodbye to nasty extra network charges - what you see is what you spend. And with this jaw-dropping SIM only deal from Three, what you spend is just £10 per month for six months, and then only £20 per month for the final 18. Simply jaw-dropping value.View Deal

And, finally, if the Smarty deal above is just a little too much in terms of monthly expenditure, and you don't feel you need quite so much data, then Smarty's Supercharge Large SIM only plan could be perfect. For £15 per month you get unlimited minutes and texts, as well as 45GB of data. As with the 100GB SIMO deal, this plan also benefits from a mere 30-day roll-over in terms of plan length, meaning you can move on at any time.

Supercharge Large Plan | 45GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £15 per month | 1-month roll-over plan | Available now at Smarty
Similar to the Mega Plan above but costing a couple of quid less each month, this SIM delivers 45GB of data, unlimited minutes and texts. Free delivery is also included.View Deal

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