Spotify: 20 per cent of songs have never been streamed

Barack Obama and David Cameron are also users, company reveals as it turns five

20 per cent of songs on Spotify have never been played, the streaming service has revealed.

The statistic was revealed as part of Spotify's fifth birthday celebrations. The streaming service hit the milestone at the end of last week.

Spotify cast a positive light on the statistic, focusing on the fact that out of its catalogue of more than 20 million songs, 80 per cent have been played at least once.

While impressive, that also means that there are more than four million songs on the service that have never been played.

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Spotify also revealed that it now has 24 million users, who in the last five years have played over a million years worth of music. Amongst them are UK Prime Minister David Cameron and US President Barack Obama.

It also revealed that six million of those users are paying subscribers.

According to Spotify, the most streamed song in the last five years is Thrift Shop by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. It has accrued more than 150 million plays on the service.

It also revealed that Daft Punk's Get Lucky is the most streamed song within the space of 24 hours. It hit 1.5 million plays after it was released first on Spotify.

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Other statistics revealed by the service include that the most played female artist is Rihanna, the most played male artist is David Guetta, while the most played band is Coldplay.

The service also has over one billion playlists, with one user in the US having 90,000 playlists alone.

And the most popular time to play songs on Spotify? Apparently it's Thursday afternoons between 4pm and 5pm.