Sony's PlayStation TV coming to UK on 14th November

Better start re-penning that Christmas list...

The long-awaited PlayStation TV is confirmed for a pre-crimbo landing...

Sony's confirmed launch dates for its PlayStation TV microconsole across Europe and North America, with the UK release set for the 14th November.

A UK price of £84.99 was revealed to T3 earlier this year, but we now know that the PS TV will come as part of a bundle that also includes 3 digital games.

The US and Canada are both set to get PlayStation TV before it hits Europe, with a North American release pegged for the 14th October - a whole month earlier.

The PlayStation TV was originally called the Vita TV and launched in Japan last autumn, but it was rebranded as part of a planned wider release earlier this year.

Sony dropped the white exterior in place of a black finish and is set to be a budget entry point for gamers and will be fuelled by PlayStation Now.

The microconsole will work like a set-top box, capable of streaming PS4 games remotely, as well as accessing around 1000 PS Now games.

A more expensive package is expected to be made available that will ship with a DualShock 3 controller, HDMI cable, 8GB memory card, and the Lego Movie digital game.