Sony's flagship 4K LED TV is its cheapest EVER price in Currys Black Friday deals

Save £400 on this Sony 4K TV with Currys Black Friday TV deals

Sony XH95 deal
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Black Friday TV deals have arrived and we've got great news if there's a Sony TV at the top of your Christmas list. As part of Currys' Black Friday deals, the retailer has reduced the Sony Bravia 4K 55-inch XH9505 from £1399 to an impressive £999. One of T3's favourite LED TVs of the year with five stars and a Platinum Award to boot, the XH9505 has an impressive set of features squeezed into one slick package. Making it even more exciting that this has been priced under £1000 for Black Friday. 

As we said in our Sony XH9505 review, this is a sensational screen with brilliant Dolby Vision HDR visuals, great sound and already exceptionally competitive in terms of features at its higher price point. Sony's flagship LED, the XH9505 makes the most of the powerful X1 Ultimate image processor also used in Sony's more expensive OLED models to ensure upscaled content looks as good as possible on the 4K panel. It also has Sony's new Acoustic Multi-audio sound system to make sure you don't immediately have to invest in a soundbar. 

•  Sony 55XH9505 4K TV | Was £1399 | Now £999 | Save £400 at Currys 

When it comes to picture quality, the XH9505 is seriously easy on the eyes without having to invest in more expensive OLED technology. As we said in our review "The consistency of the XH9505’s brightness output plays into its colours, so that they retain as much punch and naturalism during dark scenes as they show during bright scenes. There’s no severe reduction in colour volume or tone slippage during dark scenes like there can be with TVs that manipulate their overall brightness between scenes more aggressively."

The only downside might come if you've just invested in a new generation console. Both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X offer 4K at 120fps output, and both have promised Variable Refresh Rate and ALLM (auto low latency mode) technology, none of which is supported by the HDMI ports on the XH9505. Check out our best gaming TVs if you want to see which TVs to keep an eye out for in Black Friday deals. 

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If you want your TV for 4K movies and television shows, though, (or are happy with gaming without these features) there are few investments that compare to the XH9505, especially at this price. In terms of streaming apps too, the usual suite of offerings is here. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Now TV are all ready for streaming and Sony has opted for YouView as a solution for iPlayer and ITV Hub so you're never going to run out of anything to show off that picture quality. 


Sony KD-55XH9505 4K 55-inch TV | Was £1399 | Now £999 | Save £300 at Currys
T3's Platinum Award winning 2020 TV shouldn't be missed at this price. With brilliant picture and sound quality without having to invest immediately in a soundbar, the XH9505 is a seriously impressive bundle. Sony's flagship LED TV has never been cheaper or more attractive and, while it's not for new console purchasers, this should be top of your Black Friday deal consideration list.  

And the reductions  for the holiday season are only just beginning.  Christmas is getting scarily close and T3's elves are here to assist. Prep with our best Christmas gifts and even the best Cyber Monday deals to make sure you always get the best prices even after Black Friday. 

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