One of the best TV deals of 2018: Sony OLED AF8 £500 off at Curry's and John Lewis

Price war sees flagship OLED's price slashed, mangled and generally assaulted

Sony AF8 deal

4K TVs are among the most sought-after items in the Cyber Monday deals fest, which comes hot on the heels of Black Friday Fortnight. That's true both for rampaging crowds in supermarkets, and online. Often the tellies on offer range from cheapo numbers to solid mid-range offerings.

Curry's set the ball rolling this year with £400 off the 55-inch incarnation of Sony's T3 Award-winning Sony AF8 (Sony Bravia KD55AF8, to give it its full title). But now it's been well and truly gazumped by other retailers, led by Amazon with a £550 discount (until Curry's notices and price matches, anyway).

Sony AF8 55-inch | £1,799 at Curry's | Was £2,299 | Save £500

The 55-inch version of T3's TV of the Year for 2018, the AF8 boasts fantastic HDR image quality with 4K and upscaled HD stuff. It also does a cracking job of 'upscaling' standard dynamic range imagery to something resembling true HDR. Images are bright, colourful and wonderfully vivid

Sound is quite incredible for such a slim screen (although you can always add a soundbar if you want to beef it up further).

With Android TV and YouView, it's easy to find the shows and films you want from streaming services like Netflix as well as live and catch-up broadcast TV.

Last week you could get this even cheaper at Amazon Marketplace, but that was a rather 'bare bones' deal from a retailer that we'd never heard of. With this, you can get 18 months interest-free credit, and we have definitely heard of Curry's. 

Alternatively, John Lewis currently does it at the same price with a 5-year warranty thrown in for free.

Along with the deals on LG's B8 and C8, and the Philips OLED 803 and 903 price cuts, this is one of the best TV deals around right now.View Deal

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