Sonos deal of the day: this is the cheapest any Sonos speaker has ever been

Ideal for home cinema surround sound, expanding a multi-room empire and Sonos noobs

Sonos Play 1 deal

Sonos Play 1 (or Play:1 as Sonos calls it) is always the cheapest speaker in the Sonos multi-room and surround sound cannon, but if you can stomach the idea of official refurbed units it's now the cheapest any Sonos speaker has ever been, ever.

• Sonos Play:1 was £199, recently £149, now £119

Sonos Play:1 | Was £149 now £119 | Sonos certified refurbished stock | Save £30
So what is a 'Sonos certified refurbished' Play 1? Most likely it's a return from a customer who changed their mind after buying, or a loan to a journalist. All you really need to know is that there's a 100-day no-quibble return policy and a two-year warranty, and whoever had it before almost certainly didn't rub their ass on it. Sonos probably disinfects them during the refurb process anyway.

The Play 1 remains a great entry-level speaker. The Sonos One was designed to sound the same as it, but with different electronics, so you could almost think of it as a benchmark speaker in fact. It's not got Alexa in like the Sonos One does, but at this price, so what?

You can use a pair of Play 1s as rear speakers in a Dolby Digital surround system, paired with a Sonos Beam, Playbase or Playbar. Add a Sonos Sub bass speaker for full 5.1, bass-enhanced surround.

It's also ideal for inexpensively beginning or extending a Sonos multi-room setup.

By definition there can't be that many refurbished units available, so get a step on would be our advice.View Deal

Are there more Sonos refurbed bargains to be had?

You can currently get a Sonos Playbar for £549, which is way lower than any price we can find at any major retailer. 

Sonos was doing a similar deal on the Sub… but that has now ended, demonstrating our point above about not waiting too long on this kind of deal.