Sonos One is still on sale at almost the same price as supposedly 'cheaper' Sonos One SL

Grab a Sonos One or two, and live the multi-room dream

Sonos One Deal
(Image credit: Sonos)

Sonos is hardly as frugal as Apple when it comes to discounts; but Sonos deals are rare enough to make them an event. And while this deal on the Sonos One is not exactly like getting an iPhone 11 for £50, the Amazon Echo rival can be yours for just £189 — saving you a thrifty £11. It's been running for a week now and shows no signs of stopping although there are better Sonos deals on refurbished speakers to be had. It's okay, they come with a 2-year guarantee. 

At least £11 might cover your share of last night's Indian takeaway, and it also makes Sonos One barely more expensive than the brand new Sonos One SL, which is specifically meant to be a cheaper Sonos One (sans Amazon Alexa).

The best way to look at the Sonos One is as a souped-up Amazon Echo, breathing both Alexa and Google Assistant, and all the smarts that are bundled with them, into your smart home setup. However, because it's coming from what's first and foremost an audio brand (and not a retailer looking to plunge its finger into all the pies it can to bolster adoption of its services), the Sonos sounds a lot better. It can also be hooked up to other Sonos speakers to create the ultimate multi-room listening experience.

Sonos One (Gen 2) | RRP £200 | Deal Price: £189 | Save: £11
The Sonos One is near-identical to an Amazon Echo in form and function, but there's one main difference: It comes from a thoroughbred audio titan, so it's in a different league in the audio department. Strangely, Amazon is claiming its RRP is £205, for a saving of £16, but that's an error. Even so, (slightly) cheap(er) Sonos is still cheap Sonos.View Deal

Why You Should Buy A Sonos One

Sonos One was our Gadget of the Year in 2018 and still sits at #2 in our guide to the best multi-room speakers

Being a Sonos, the Sonos One integrates with the brand's ecosystem to create the ultimate multi-room listening experience and can be connected to the coveted Sonos Controller application, which is home to near enough every streaming service, including Amazon Prime Music, Apple Music and Spotify. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are also on board to handle all your voice queries and commands, and there's AirPlay 2 for convenient streaming from Apple devices (macOS and iOS alike).