Solve the screen slouch: banish bad posture when you're sat at your desk

Tech and bad posture are a way too-common pairing, so do your back a favour

If you’re hunched over a screen or desk all day, back, neck and shoulder pain strikes over time. In fact, over 80 per cent of the UK is set to experience back pain at some point in their lives. 

Why? Poor posture and ‘screen slouch’ are the main culprits. That’s why you need UPRIGHT GO, a sleek wearable designed to reduce muscle problems by correcting your posture. 

80% of the UK will suffer from back pain, but it’s avoidable

Train away the pain

The UPRIGHT GO, developed by Upright Technologies, works with a free companion app on iPhone and Android that, once you set-up a user profile, will generate personalised postural training programmes for you. The app also awards you an ‘Up Score’, playfully motivating you to achieve posture perfection, to help reduce pain and improve your overall wellbeing. These individual in-app training plans range from three to four weeks to begin with, and include two to five sessions lasting five to nine minutes each, depending on your personal needs. 

The lightweight (12g) and wireless UPRIGHT GO features award-winning tech to help you achieve perfect posture. Stick it on the middle of your back, and the device uses a sensor-led learning algorithm to detect your body position. When you slouch, the UPRIGHT GO vibrates, reminding you gently to adjust into a healthier position.

Sync the UPRIGHT GO with its companion app (iOS, Android) to make it even smarter, dishing out real-time feedback on your posture and how you can make simple yet lasting changes to correct it. Want to record data without the device emitting vibrations? No problem! Use the UPRIGHT GO in the discrete Tracking Mode. 

Prolonged back problems can lead to musculoskeletal disorders, increased stress and fatigue, while good posture can increase confidence, positivity and overall wellbeing. The UPRIGHT GO helps to improve your posture in just three weeks. At £79.99, it’s also cheaper than forking out on physio treatment. 

You can grab UPRIGHT GO from Amazon now!