Smarty SIM only deal is offering 100GB data for just £15/month and no contract!

A one month rolling contract with 100GB data, up from the usual 50GB, with Smarty's SIM Only plan

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(Image credit: Smarty)

SIM Only deals are the new big thing and the UK has a bunch of carriers trying to out-compete each other with sweet, sweet deals, constantly upping the amount of data on offering while slashing the price. The latest effort is from upstart network Smarty, which has doubled its data allowance on the £15/month rolling plan.

The deal is basically that simple: Smarty is offering 100GB of data, to be used for whatever you want including tethering, for just £15/month, out-data-ing much of the competition in one swift move. Texts and calls are both unlimited, naturally, and you can cancel at anytime; you're only locked into one month at a time.

But why would you want a only a SIM? For a lot of reasons. You might want to switch phones more regularly than a 24 or 36 month contract allows, which is the minimum time period for a lot of top-tier handsets. Or you might have an iPad, Android tablet, Kindle, or WiFi Hotspot that needs data, and a lot of it. 

Don't worry about Smarty being an upstart, though: it's a sub-brand of Three, so you're guaranteed incredibly reliable coverage anywhere in the UK with limited downtime. The only difference is the incredible value on offer.

Smarty SIM | One month contract | Cancel anytime | 50GB 100GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £15/month from Smarty
This much data is enough for almost everyone and would ramp up the price of a high-end smartphone considerably, making a SIM Only plan a much more attractive option. Cancel anytime, tether without a care, no speed restrictions. It's the real deal.View Deal

So, if you want to dip a toe into the world of SIM Only plans or upgrade your existing contract, Smarty has a pretty unbeatable deal, with 100GB data for just £15/month. Hurry, though, this offer is time limited.