Smartwatch dumps Android Wear in favour of Tizen

Blocks smartwatch will now be compatible with Apple iOS and Windows Phone

The team behind modular smart watch Blocks has dumped Android Wear.

The Blocks smart watch was originally unveiled running Android Wear.

However, the team behind the smart watch has now adopted Tizen, highlighting the the move will allow the watch to work with phones from Apple and Microsoft.

It will be one of the first Tizen devices to hit shelves. Samsung and Intel's co-developed operating system has had a bumpy ride so far, with several devices dumped at the last minute due to worries over the ability of the OS to support itself.

The move also comes as the Blocks team has recently gained access to Intel's latest mobile processors. Winning the Intel competition should mean the ambitious smart watch is even more likely to hit the market.

There's still no word on when the modular smart watch should be available to buy.

Source: Engadget