New Sky "Buy & Keep" service sends you DVDs

Scheme coming soon to a post office near you

Find yourself longing for the days of yore when thumbing through a vast archive of DVDs in your front room was a Saturday night ritual? Sky's teaming up with the postman to sate your disc-shaped appetite.

Sky has announced it's launching a new “Buy and Keep” service, meaning whenever you download a movie from the Sky store, you'll get a corresponding DVD copy through your letterbox.

The extra service will roll out over the next few weeks, and will cover any movie, new or old, that you purchase from the store.

"Sky customers already account for around half of all DVD and Blu-ray purchases in the UK, so we know they love owning movies. With Sky store 'Buy & Keep' we're now offering our customers yet another way to enjoy the best in movies," says Ian Lewis, director of Sky Movies.

There'll be some big budget titles added to the store in time for the launch, including The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, The Wolverine, and Ang Lee's Life of Pi.

The Sky store is set to boast a formidable collection of cinema when the new service becomes available, offering an alternative to similar services like Netflix or Amazon Instant Video.

With Sky promising that soon you'll also be able to watch your purchase on mobile devices, picking up some titles on the Sky store might not be a bad idea.

By Sean Keach