Black Friday comes early at Simba, with 40% off mattresses

This is the biggest price drop we've seen on our #1 UK mattress

Simba mattress with deals flag overlaid
(Image credit: Simba / Future)

Simba is the brand behind our #1 best UK mattress, and the brand just dropped the biggest deal we've seen: for Halloween, there's 40% off the full range at Simba (opens in new tab). Now, if you've been looking at mattresses for a while, you'll know that deals are very common and you can't always take a price drop at face value. But we've been monitoring prices closely over the past year or so, and this is the best Simba discount code or deal we've seen. It even beats last year's Black Friday offering of 35% off. It could save you up to £847.60 on the range-topping Simba Hybrid Luxe. You've got until the end of the weekend to claim.

We see price drops of 30% or even 35% fairly regularly from Simba, but that extra 5% adds up to a lot of cash on a product with this kind of price tag. The 2021 Black Friday deals may not be here yet, but this offer is worth snapping up pronto (we'd be surprised if Simba offers a bigger percentage price drop come 26 November). All you need to claim is to spend over £350, which if you're buying a mattress you will be. 

Major price drop!

40% off mattresses at Simba (opens in new tab)
Whether you're after the standard Simba Hybrid, the souped-up Hybrid Pro or the supremely comfortable Hybrid Luxe with 10 layers giving you all the comfort and support you need, you can knock a massive 40% off the price tag right now when you buy direct from Simba. 
Deal ends: 31 Oct (midnight)

So which mattress should you go for? The Simba Hybrid Pro is our favourite UK mattress, but we also love the Hybrid Luxe. It all depends on the sleep surface you prefer – while the Pro has a soft top layer sitting on top of a lower level, the Luxe delivers a more uniform sleep surface that overall feels firmer. Both are outstanding mattresses. And if you're on a tighter budget, the original, multi award-winning Simba Hybrid is also great.

Simba also sells a selection of mattresses through Amazon, and it is also possible to claim this deal via Amazon (opens in new tab) if you feel so inclined, via an electronic 'voucher'. We'd usually recommend buying direct from the brand though, to make aftercare simpler. 

Simba offers a free 100-night trial, during which time you can properly test out your mattress and make sure you love it. If you find it doesn't suit you for any reason, Simba will pick it up and give you a full refund. 

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