Sharper than Amazon Prime Day: get up to £100 off Midori and Sabatier chef’s knives NOW at JTF

Take on any culinary cutting task with these bargain-priced pre-Black Friday professional-level choppers

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JTF mega discount store is pushing in front of Amazon Prime Day with huge discounts off a range of garden, BBQ, premium petware and this amazing cutlery. It's like every day is Black Friday down at JTF, which has branches from Peterborough to South Shields, and a slightly utilitarian looking website. 

There are mega bargains to be had from professional brands, with Sabatier and Midori being the top of our kitchen knife shopping list.

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Midori is the go-to brand for super-sharp kitchen knives as used by professional chefs. These are our current picks for upping our game in the kitchen. The Midori All Purpose Knife In Magnetic Box £14.99 (Save £57.00), the Midori Bread Knife In Magnetic Box £19.99 (Save £99.01) and the Midori 17.5Cm Santoku In Magnetic Box £19.99 (Save 99.01) all look top-notch to us.

Midori Damascus

The Midori Damsascus will allow you to effortlessly cut through things like a knife through, um, butter

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Sabatier is just as good too, with the Sabatier Trompette Chefs Knife 20cm from the Origin range promising high performance. It’s fashioned from MoV - Molybdenum Vanadium steel and that is, er, strong. It’s also normally £18.99 and can currently be yours for £4.99, saving £14. That's a big cut, right there.

Alternatively, get chopping and carving with the Sabatier three-piece pack, which comes with a general purpose knife plus a carving knife and carving fork. Perfect for producing professional results for your next Sunday Roast.

Meanwhile, we're currently putting together a guide to the best kitchen knives – smaller bladed ones, since we already have this mega guide to the best chef's knives.


This three-piece Sabatier knife set delivers incredible value

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