Sergey Brin shows off Google Glass sunglasses

Google Glass project readies itself for the summer as first sunglasses pair are spotted

Day 2 of Google's I/O Keynote saw Google co-founder Sergey Brin lark about on a San Fransisco rooftop, sporting a pair of Google Glass sunglasses

The first day of Google's I/O Keynote featured an incredible skydiving stunt that showed off just some of the capabilities of Google Glass. For the second day, Google's Sergey Brin took to the roof of the Moscone Center in San Fransisco to show how the stunt was done.

However, enjoying the sunshine, Brin was wearing a sunglasses-version of Google Glass that has clip-in tinted lenses, the first outing for such sun-friendly specs. Seemingly these lenses can be slotted in place as soon as the sun shows up.

As of yet, Google Glass has only been seen with the open eyepieces, with some Google testers wearing them over their prescription glasses. Google has confirmed that there will be support for prescriptions lenses, but whether they will follow the removable format of the shades has not been mentioned.

Google Project Glass: Features

For those not in the know, Project Glass is Google's computerised glasses designed to let wearers use apps, take photos and videos, surf the web and social networks on the move.

Although not a lot has been released as of yet, from the stunt we can tell it obviously has a camera for capturing snaps and videos on the move. Google Glass will also feature a processor, storage memory for lots of information, an input touchpad on the side, a microphone and a speaker.

The prototype also features a gyro, accelerometer, compass and a 6-hour battery life that the company has revealed it is looking to improve. Multiple radios for wireless connectivity will also mean that you'll be connected to the web and mobile providers constantly.

For now, only US developers are allowed to pre-order the device for the price of $1,500, with the first batch set to be shipped the early part of next year. Although currently unavailble to consumers, Google has confirmed that Google Glass will be universally available in 2014 at a considerably reduced price.

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Words: Samantha Loveridge

Via: Slashgear